Have you tried Rolled Ice Cream?

The "Ice Plate" is the home ice cream maker specifically designed to make rolled ice cream!


Bowls of Ice Cream Rolls


Nutella Banana Rolled Ice Cream


Hello Panda Rolled Ice Cream


Strawberry Cheesecake Rolled Ice Cream

The Ice Plate - Ice Cream Roll Maker


Pour The Mix

The freshest ice cream you will ever eat!

Chop Chop

The mix becomes ice cream instantly!

Spread It Out

Painting a delicious dessert!

Roll It Up

How many rolls will make it to the bowl?

Recipe Blog

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Our Story

The prep time is short, but the memories last forever!

Some of the most memorable moments that I have with my parents and grandparents took place in the kitchen. Sharing and preparing food brings people together, and teaches children important life skills. Regardless of the demographic, people love delicious food, and creating something from scratch. Unfortunately, family time spent in the kitchen, for many families, is on the decline because they simply don’t have the time. People are spending less time in the kitchen learning about reading labels, measurements, conversions, problem solving, and making connections.    


Two years ago I watched several viral videos demonstrating the making of rolled ice cream. Like millions of others, I was amazed by how simple and intriguing the process was. When reading the comments, I realized people from every age group, all over the world enjoyed the video. The video had so many views because people were sharing it with their family and friends. Immediately I looked up rolled ice cream stores, and found one nearby to try it out. When I got there, there was a lineup of people. While waiting in line I watched customers before me, they all did the same thing. They ordered their ice cream, and then got their phone out to recorded it being made, so they could share it with friends and family on social media. When it was my turn to order, I did the same thing, placed my order, recorded the process, and then posted it on my social media.   


On my way home I ate the ice cream, it was absolutely delicious. When I got home, I checked my phone, and my friends and family loved the video. I realized that the sharing of the video was as satisfying as the ice cream itself, people were creating digital memories. I then thought, what if you could make it at home? A product like this could really get people back in the kitchen, and it would be a hit for dinner parties with friends and family. In a few minutes several people can make ice cream, share the video of it with the world, and create memories. And thus, the Ice Plate was born! The Ice Plate is a canvas for culinary creation, create recipes, create online content, share with the word. The prep time is short, but the memories last a lifetime.